today i am me

My love of health started with feeding my dolls “medicine” made of torn up mint and basil from the summer garden and fennel seeds from my mother’s spice jars. I bandaged scrapes with lambs’ ears leaves and rubbed beeswax & rosemary salve into rashes and scars, always playing the apothecary. I remember first falling in love with the human body in fifth grade as we traced the flow of blood through the heart and as my doctors explained genetics and bone growth to me. After a few years studying neuroscience & music, I still think that synapses are the most beautiful biological structures.

Today, as a public health professional in maternal & child health, I build my home in the art and science of bodies and healing -- the stunning architecture of sexuality & reproduction, the vulnerability of identity, the strength of relationships & collective feminism, and the elegant & imperfect chaos of humanity.

For more on my current maternal & child health work in Colorado, see here.


I hold a masters in public health from the Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. My academic focus is on the intersectionality of reproductive and sexual health: how can we promote safe, consensual, joyful, and empowering reproductive experiences for all people across all spectrums of life?

The future of health is preventive and holistic, and I am so inspired by the work of midwives and other community health care workers.

press & presentations

  • Opening Plenary, Fifth Annual Harvey Cohen, MD, Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Summit, October 2018

  • Maternal Mortality Prevention with 9News, October 2018

  • Facebook Live with 9News, October 2018

  • Maternal Mental Health with 9News, October 2018

  • Poster: Colorado’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, Maternal Mortality Review Information Application User’s Meeting, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, GA, February 2018

  • Commencement Class Speaker, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, May 2017